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An innovative formula to globalize your brand

Learn more about the Amazon consultancy services we have available to help your business grow substantially its sales and exports through Amazon's international marketplaces. We are the right partner to help you on the world's largest marketplace!

Como vender na Amazon
Como vender na Amazon

Amazon Marketplaces where we operate

  • United Kingdom;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Italy;
  • Spain;
  • Netherlands.
  • United States of America (USA);
  • Canada;
  • Mexico.
  • India;
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE);
  • Japan;
  • Australia.

What can we do for your business ?

What can we
do for your business ?

Amazon Attractiveness Evaluation

By profiling the international marketplaces in terms of volume and value, competition, and others. We are able to identify the most attractive markets for selling your products.

Brand Deployment on Amazon

We support your company throughout the entire process of registering and implementing the brand in Amazon Seller Central and achieving strategic certificates.

Operational Strategy Building

We develop operational strategies (shipping logistics, packaging and stock management) to increase ROI and gain competitive advantages.

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Sales Strategy Development and Listing Optimization

We develop global strategies (product, price, keywords, among others) that ensure the positioning of your product on the keywords with the highest sales conversion and we fully optimize your listings to ensure the highest number of daily visits and sales.

Intelligent Activation Campaigns

Activation campaigns on Amazon are essential to maximize sales and increase the reach of your products. We develop strategies that allow our clients to create awareness and increase traffic to their products, making them more visible and reachable to customers.

Innovative Global Listing Management

Through our global listing management service we ensure that your listings are optimized daily to get the most visits and sales every day. We also provide a 7 days a week service to support your customers and manage conflicts.

Launch your brand on Amazon with a specialized team

If you want to launch your brand on Amazon, you are in the right place! We provide fully dedicated support for the implementation of brands on Amazon's different international marketplaces.

We have all the tools and know-how to help you implement your brand, both in the registration and trade mark of your company, as well as in the creation and optimization of your listings on Amazon's platform. It is critical to ensure that your listings continually adapt to the changing buying behaviors of your target audience, and to the strategic changes of your competitors. Invest in the world's largest online marketplace with a company that specializes in Amazon consultancy services!

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Ads Amazon- Mana Analytics
Ads Amazon- Mana Analytics

Advertising Campaigns on Amazon

Amazon DSP Campaigns

Amazon PPC Campaigns

Additional Solutions

Groundbreaking Listing Management

Being present on Amazon's marketplaces is highly advantageous for your business, however just being present is not enough to increase the volume of digital sales of your products. It is crucial to ensure that your listings continually adapt to the changing buying behaviors of your target audience, as well as the strategic changes of your competitors.

Gestão de Anuncios na Amazon

The best tools marketing can offer you!

Over the last two years, Amazon consultancy services have been developed by our team and made available four essential reports so that our customers can fully optimize their listings on Amazon’s marketplaces.

All of these reports are fully adapted to your company’s needs and the reality of your target marketplaces. Talk to us and use the most updated tools on the market to exponentially increase your sales on Amazon.

Market Research

The best tool to assess the attractiveness of a market for your business or to get all the insights and information about the target market and key competitors.

We will conduct a market study with the aim of assessing the market attractiveness and underpinning future strategic actions. The main results will be a complete market assessment, competition analysis, and definition of the market attractiveness of the target product.

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Listing Optimization Report

The best tool to optimize your products and publish them in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Product listing development and optimization. This service includes a complete analysis of the performance of all keywords used by users, as well as complete optimization of the target product advertising.

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Sales and Communication Plan

The best way to quickly and efficiently get more visits to your listings and a higher percentage of sales in relation to Amazon’s total sales volume on your target markets.

Development and application of a strategic sales plan on Amazon. This service is designed to build a strategic sales plan and apply optimized marketing campaigns on this platform.

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Consumer Behavior Report

This report will provide you with all the data regarding user and consumer feedback on your product and the main competing products.

Development of an evaluation report for product acquisition and feedback. This service is intended to provide your company with a powerful insight into the overall feedback on your product and your competitor’s products.


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